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Common Tax Errors


Each year, thousands of tax filers make mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Filing mistakes may delay your tax refund and even disqualify your filing. Below are the most frequently reported errors (so that you can learn to recognize and avoid them):

  • Addition and/or Subtraction Errors. Double check your math! Math errors are the number one reason why the IRS changes a tax return.
  • Incorrect Address. Make sure you have the right address listed on your return. The IRS will send your refund and any notices to the address listed on your return. If your address is wrong, you will not receive these important communications!
  • Missing or Incorrect Social Security Numbers. Be sure your name and social security number appear on the front and back of every page of your tax return!
  • Misdirected Tax Forms. Be sure you mail your return to the correct location. The IRS maintains multiple offices for receiving tax returns. There is only one appropriate location and address for your return, however. Sending your return to a different office will result in delays.
  • Incorrect Tax Amounts. Check your tax tables and be sure to enter the proper tax amounts you owe.
  • Wrong Line Entries. Check to see that you have entered your withholding and estimated tax payments information on the proper lines! Similarly, be sure to enter your income, and deductions or credits on proper lines.
  • Missing W2(s). Be sure to attach a copy of your W2 form for each employer you have worked for in the tax year.
  • Multiple Filing Status Boxes Checked. You are only allowed to select one filing status for your return. Checking more than one will delay or invalidate your return.

  • Unsigned Returns. You must sign and date your return before sending it.

  • Improper Forms Sequence. It is important to attach each form for your tax return in its proper sequence when filing the finished return. For example, form 1040 should be on top, followed by various schedules in descending alphabetical order (e.g., Schedule A before Schedule C, etc.).


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