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Chapter 1 - Self-help: What is it?Chapter 2 - Understanding the Nature of your ProblemChapter 3 - Overview of Bio-Psycho-Social TheoriesChapter 4 - Meeting Basic NeedsChapter 5 - Changing Behavior and ThoughtChapter 6 - Changing Your MoodChapter 7 - Changing Your KnowledgeChapter 8 - Changing Your RelationshipsChapter 9 - Changing Your Identity and MotivationChapter 10 - Your Unique Self-Help PlanChapter 11 - Specific ProblemsChapter 12 - Dependency
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The Assertive Type Video
This brief video is part of a series on personality types. This one looks at the assertive type, the benefits of that type, the characteristics that define it, the beliefs an assertive person has, and whether it comes naturally or is learned.

VideoJug: The Assertive Type

The Passive Type Video
This video looks at the passive personality type.  They describe the characteristics a person has, the disadvantages of this style, how it develops, whether there are ever any advantages and the beliefs a passive person holds.

VideoJug: The Passive Type

The Aggressive Type Video
This video looks at the aggressive personality type. Topics include the characteristics of the style, disadvantages, how the style develops, whether being aggressive ever works to a person's advantages and the beliefs that are typically held.

VideoJug: The Aggressive Type

The Passive-Aggressive Type
This video looks at the passive-aggressive personality style.  Topics include the characteristics and disadvantages, how the style develops, whether it ever works to a person's advantage, and the beliefs that a passive-aggressive person usually has.

VideoJug: The Passive-Aggressive Type

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